About Me


Thank you for your interest in my work as a writer, editor and media manager! I’ve covered a wide variety of topics, including the rise of vegan food in New Orleans, “exotic meat” in New York City, midterm elections in Connecticut, the Gulf South Green New Deal, a cutting edge PTSD treatment, local zoning laws, and cannabis’s effect on the brain.

In May 2022, I graduated from New York University with a MFA in Literary Reportage. For my MFA thesis, I used a mix of memoir and reportage to investigate the the interpersonal costs of the United States’s culture of consumption. Or, as my thesis advisor preferred for me to say, I wrote about my relationship with my mom. You can listen to an audio piece that covers some of this here.

My media management services include content strategy and social media management. I am currently the Managing Editor at Fifty Grande, and have worked on books, magazines and college admissions essays. I also have training in podcast and audio production.

Take a look at my selected works and resume. If you’re interested in working with me, reach out. I always welcome an email and am available for remote work.

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